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Our slewing drives are widely used in PV, CPV, STP, CSP solar tracking systems and construction applications.

1.Slewing Drive Used for Solar Power

Slewing DriveOur SE/ VE series slewing drive with DC Motor are widely used in PV Monocrystalline Silicon Solar power generation's single and dual axis solar tracking system and it is classic combination. Advantages include compact structure, easy installation, mechanical properties good, dust prevention, water prevention, etc. WDE (Heavy duty type)and SDE are suitable for dual axis solar tracking, it is one-piece  structure design, the maintainence works and spare parts costs will reduce.

PV Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Progect

Trough type power generation with high requirements for output torque and hold torque, in order to have a high power generation efficiency, it is necessary to accurately reflect the sunlight on the collector tube.Our SE & VE series slewing drive with AC / DC Motor are suitable for this trough type project,model features include high output torque and hold torque , not only achieve customer's precision tracking requirements, also save installation space and costs.复件 槽式02.jpg

Concentrated Solar Parabolic Type
复件 蝶式03.jpgUsually for dish Type solar generation, the slewing drive will bear the total complete equipment
 weight, so it is request slewing drive can bear big axial load and wind-resistant performance, meanwhile also request slewing drive keep smoothly movement and ensure tracking precision. Our SE series slewing drive are suitable for dish type project,we have strictly processing for raceway,special process gear and worm , to ensure tracking precision and stationarity.
Concentrated Solar Dish Type
Because of the solar power tower(SPT) system 's structure and precision requirements, our SDE series and AD series slewing drive are suitable for this project.Especially for AD Series double enveloping model,feature is high precision, high mechanical efficiency , small precision loss, long service life ,etc. Moreover,it is whole sealing mechanism design,customer do not need to maintenance AD series slewing drive during lifetime,help our customers save lots of maintenance costs.
复件 塔式04.jpg

Concentrated Solar Tower Type

2.Slewing Drive Used for Construction Machinery

Modular vehicle.jpgModular Vehicle has lots of features, such as high load, big torque,flexible steering, etc. These characteristics require the slewing drive need to have high structural strength, high output torque with strong abrasive resistance. Our HSE double worm slewing drive is suitable for this application. Our gear material is brass, it will make torque output and adhesion wear resistance increase. The engine body material is high-quality carbon structural steel to ensure slewing drive's structural strength, double motor drive makes the steering ability more strong, using slewing drive will reduce Modular Vehicle's center of gravity to achieve drive more stable.
Modular Vehicle
The Aerial work platform load is relatively light, but for the gear's slewing clearance and stable operation request are higher. Moreover,considering human operation work, our S/SE seris slewing drive are very suitable for aerial work platform, the clearance between worm and gear is request strictly adjust and control to ensure product clearance and to meet usage requirements.

aerial working platform.jpg

Aerial Work Platform
truck crane.jpgTruck Crane's usage is very flexible and convenient, slewing drive mainly used the connection between the derrick and chassis. Our WE Series slewing drive because of its simple and compact structure,easy installation and maintenance, are suitable for truck crane. Our slewing drive itself contains a high-strength slewing bearing, with a worm composed of self-locking structure, not only can meet crane structure, but also make crane more secure, and with small installation structure also save lots of space.

Truck Crane
Our slewing drive mainly used for rotation of grasps, so the performance of the timber grab depends on the quality of the slewing drive. We mainly designed and WE/ WEB Series slewing drive for timber grab machines market.These series slewing drive adopt cruved gear with stright worm connection,easy to deal with timber grab's work brought about the impact and abrasion. In order to improve the working efficiency,we mainly reserch WEB slewing drive,this model with high efficiency, good mechanical properties, high service life, are very popular in timber grab machines.


Timber Grab
port crane.jpgOur slewing drive can be used for straight arm type marine crane, crank arm type marine crane, lifeboat crane davit arm rotating place. Our WEA series slewing drive has compact structure , can be used for port crane , it will save lots of space on deck. At the same time slewing bearing and worm composed of self-locking structure for the marine crane will have more insurance. High-performance protective paint and skeleton oil seal, even the long time in the sea operations, WEA series slewing drive is not affected. (Paint protection level in accordance with customer's requirements. )
Port Crane
Our slewing drive also suitable for travelling crane, several slewing drives will not only carry load capacity, also need  
has rotation, and our slewing bearing and worm composed of self-locking structure will have more security assurance for the travelling crane movement.Meanwhile High-performance protective paint and skeleton oil seal,are suitable on port and outside working. Our double worm slewing drive are very suitable for this usage.
travelling crane.jpg

Travelling Crane
drilling machine.jpg
Drilling Machine