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Gear Box 21inch Worm Gear SE21 Used in Solar Tracking System

Gear Box 21inch Worm Gear SE21 Used in Solar Tracking System

LDB slewing drive is composed of the housing, slewing bearing, sealing, enveloping worm with some completed spare parts. We can also produce the Electronic motor and Hydraulic motor used for slewing drives, which can moves for clockwise direction and counter clockwise direction rotation. 1...

Slewing drive is a deceleration device using the principle of worm gear to achieve a large transmission ratio, and the enveloping worm drive is used to transfer movement and power between two axes staggered in space. 

1   21" Worm gear dimension as below.  


SE21 catalog.JPG

2 Application in CPV/CPT/CSP projects

   For CPV project, this model usually handle 96-120 square meters solar panels.


3  Horizontal installation & Vertical installation, see below picture. 



4 Packing and shipping method as below pictures.

For sample and small cargo transportation, we advise customer to use international express such as TNT,DHL,UPS,FEDEX, etc. 


5 Company information

Our factory was founded in 1999 in Luoyang city, Henan Province, China, now has a group of professional production personnel, independent production workshop, production lines and advanced production equipment.


6 Slewing drive test

All of our products have been 100% inspected strictly before delivery, each product needs to be Motor Torque Tested, Dimension Tested, Salt Spray Tested and Tilting Moment Tested.


7 Quality control ISO9001:2000


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Rotary drive Slewing drive SE21 used for solar tracking system
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