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SE7 single axis slew drive for CPV project

LDB slewing drive is composed of the housing, slewing bearing, sealing, enveloping worm with some completed spare parts. Slewing drive can move for clockwise direction and counter clockwise direction rotation.


1.Single axis slew drive SE7 datasheets, it is 7inch model. 





2. Appliction- SE7 can support 11-17 ㎡ solar panels for CPV projects. 

solar power generation type.JPG

3. Horizontal installation & Vertical installation both ok in accordance with customer's requirements. 



4. Packing and shipping

We use fumigation wooden cases and pearl cotton to package the goods, for sample transportation we recommend customers to use international express which is safer and more convenient. 


5.LDB 2016 Bearing Expo in Shanghai- Dual axis solar tracking system

One slewing drive SE7 + one linear actuator = one dual axis solar tracking system  

2016 Bearing Expo for Solar Tracker.jpg

2016 Bearing Expo Solar Tracker.jpg

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Add: Yiyang Bearing Industry Zone, Luoyang City, Henan Province, China.

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If you're looking for quality solar tracker Enclosed Slewing Drive, welcome to contact us for the SE7 single axis slew drive for CPV project. Our products are specially designed for aerial working platform and construction machinery. It can be widely used in PV, CPV, STP, CSP solar tracking systems and construction applications. Please be free to place orders with us.
SE7 enclosed slewing drive for solar tracker
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