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How to choose slewing drive in trough solar thermal power generation system ?
Apr 29, 2018

According to our experience we usually recommend customer to use precision type slewing drive.Precision type slewing drive has high tracking precision, and usually we can reach the second level of tracking accuracy(i.e 0.07°). The reason is in order to have a high power generation efficiency for parabolic trough power generation, must accurately reflect the sunlight on the collector tube.

Both the reflector and the collector are installed on slewing drive, the slewing drive drives the reflector to adjust the pitching angle. The purpose is to reflect the sunshine accurately on the heat collector. If the rotation error of the slewing drive is quite large, the sunlight is difficult to accurately reflection to the collector tube, so that the efficiency of power generation will be reduced.

trough solar thermal power generation system -4.jpg

trough solar thermal power generation system -5.jpg

The following is our precision slewing drive PE7 picture and catalog as an example, you can see the tracking precision of PE7 is higher than the tracking precision of SE7. And we have three tracking precision levels for customer selection. 

SE7+24VDC Motor-6.jpg

 SE7 catalog.jpg

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Date: 29/04/2018

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