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2015 INTERMAT in France
Sep 23, 2017


On April 20th to 25th,Tenth French INTERMAT was held at the North Virginia Exhibition Center in Paris, it is the world's second largest exhibition of construction machinery industry. 

The range of products covered by excavator machinery, scraping machinery, concrete machinery, lifting machinery, road and compaction machinery, piling machinery, industrial vehicles, pneumatic tools, drilling machinery, construction, building materials machinery, mining machinery and other construction and construction machinery Industry and spare parts.

LDB participated in this exhibition, mainly show slewing drive used for construction ,machinery. Our slewing drive with small size, large torque and different tracking precision,easy maintenance and so on was very popular at the fair, it can be suitable for aerial work platform, tibmer garb, excavator, truck cranes, travelling cranes, port cranes, drilling machines, etc.The following is picture.