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2016 Shanghai Bearing Expo -Solar Tracking System Model (dual Axis Solar Tracker System)
Jul 10, 2017

In 2016,we went to Shanghai to attend the 2016 Bearing Expo,mianly showed our slewing drive and slewing bearing. For solar energy, we have exhibited a model of solar tracker at the fair,tha main transmission component is our slewing drive SE7 and linear actuator to achieve dual axis solar tracking system. The following is our model picture, SE7 adjust the solar panel in horizontal direction, and linear actuator adjust the angle of the panel.

Meanwhile, we also have showed customized slewing drive SE32( 32inch) for construction machinery, such as port crane, travel crane and other construction machiners.

Our production range for slewing drive from 3 inch to 32 inch, also we accept custom made slewing drive, linear actuator and slewing bearing which are widely used in CPV/PV/CSP solar projects, the solar power generation is divided into dish type, tower type, trough type , solar panels types.For concentrated power generation such as dish type, trough type, usually require high tracking precision.

Our slewing drives are not only suitable for the power generation but also can be widely used in construction machinery, such as aerial work platform, timber grab, excavator, truck crane, port crane, travelling crane, drilling machinery, etc.

Moreover,we also provide DC Motor and hydraulic motor to match with slewing drive in accordance with customer usage.

At the fair, we met lots of customers around the world, they are very interested in our products, we looking forward to working with friends from all over the world.

2016 Bearing Expo for Solar Tracker.jpg


2016 Bearing Expo Solar Tracker.jpg


Solar tracker system on exhibition.jpg

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