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How To Install The Rotary Drive
May 22, 2017

We all know that the rotation of these transmission parts for the machine has a very important role, once the transmission parts of the problem, then the whole machine is no way to run. No matter what the equipment, you want to really use, you need to install, but the installation of equipment is not very easy, Shangbang machinery for you to explain how to install the rotary drive?

Rotary drive a wide range of applications, mainly used in construction machinery, we must be able to be a very good installation, in order to ensure that the machine can be normal operation. First of all, everyone in the installation of rotary drive before the mechanical equipment should be a comprehensive inspection, to ensure that no problem, you can start the installation, the requirements of the support components of the strength is good enough, there is a smooth connection between the surface is not mixed Material, so as to ensure the accuracy of the installation, but also to ensure that the mechanical vibration in the work as small as possible. Then, in the process of installing the rotary drive, to carry out radial positioning, but also the parts of the screw tightened, after installation, but also to check is not able to operate flexibly, if we installed too tight. Also will affect the rotation drive the work.