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LDB Dual Axis Slewing Drive Used In Solar Energy Tracking System.
Oct 27, 2017

Solar energy is a clean and pollution-free energy source, its prospects for development are very 

broad. It has become a green energy that countries are racing to develop.

LUOYANG LONGDA BEARING CO.,LTD use the advanced technology independent research and development the 

Dual axis slewing drive used in solar energy tracking system. We still insite the high quality 

product, reasonable price, best service for all of our customer.

The dual-axis rotary drive is used for solar tracking system. Using slewing bearing and ring 

surface enveloping worm structure, can achieve the characteristics of more tooth contact,high 

torque, running smoothly and so on. It can bear a large radial load and axial load and stronger 

upsetting moment.Its widely used in solar PV power generation tracking system and other new energy 


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