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LDB Latest Three Row Cylindrical Roller Slewing Bearing Exported To Russia
Mar 31, 2018

This week we have a Russian customer Tehnoros Group of Companies (This company is in St.Petersburg, which is specialized in equipment for port crane) visited our factory, they purchased our three row cylindrical roller slewing bearing 191.25.2000.990.41.1502 (Rothe Erde) used for their port crane. 

The purpose of their visit was mainly to test the bearing, finally, every dimension was within tolerance and meet their requirements, they feel satisfied and praised us.See the following pictures. 

JSC Technoros -1.jpg

JSC Technoros -2.jpg

191.25.2000.990.41.1502 -04.jpg

191.25.2000.990.41.1502 -01.jpg

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Date: 31/3/2018