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LUOYANG LONGDA BEARING CO.,LTD Committed To Research And Develop Slewing Drive
Nov 07, 2017

As an industry standard makers, LUOYANG LONGDA BEARING CO.,LTD is always to be committed 

to research and develop new products to meet various demands of various fields. It is 

our pleasure that slewing drive is favored in the field of truck crane from both

domestic and overseas customers, and has good cooperation with top 50 global machinery 

industry companies.

LUOYANG LONGDA BEARING CO.,LTD is a professional manufacturer of slewing drive. The 

products have proven extremely popular with customers in the field of truck crane, 

which is depends on its own features with compact structure, simple installation, high 

output torque and tilting moment etc.Compared with traditional bearing, the integrated-

design of slewing drive is closer to customer demand and makes it more competitive.

Slewing drive have got the trust and support from all the customers, not only its own 

features, but also the high quality of products. At the same time also make customized 

solutions for different kinds of requirements.

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