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New Energy Has Become The Main Application Of Rotary Drive Applications
May 22, 2017

The rotary drive is composed of slewing bearings, worms and shells. The slewing ring is connected to the worms in a plane of 90 degrees. The working principle is based on the worm gear drive, which is divided into tooth type rotary drive (involute cylindrical teeth) Worm gear-type rotary drive, in recent years the country vigorously develop new energy industry, resulting in new energy has become a rotary drive the main application areas.

The advantages of rotary drive applications are as follows:

1. Transmission ratio is large, compact, small size, light weight.

2. Because the worm drive is equivalent to the screw drive, transmission with multi-tooth meshing, so smooth transmission, no noise, shock, vibration small.

3. Because the carrier is slewing bearing, it can withstand large radial, axial load and strong overturning moment.

4. Rotary support The rotation axis does not intersect with the rotation axis of the worm, so that the worm is the active part, the slewing ring is the follower, so the rotation support can not rotate when the worm is not rotating, and has the function of self-locking and positioning.

Rotary drive device really appeared in the domestic market is about 06 years, when only one or two domestic enterprises engaged in the production of the product, the market is mainly to meet the needs of foreign markets. In recent years, the domestic market demand for rotational drive increased, mainly due to the country's investment in new energy extraction. Rotary drive is mainly used in the need to automatically track and locate the mechanical equipment, also tried to use during the construction machinery, early Xugong truck crane and other unit tentative use in the construction machinery and equipment, and ultimately have failed. But in the new energy equipment has been widely used, such as solar power, wind power and industrial automation.