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Slewing Drive Apply To The Overhead Working Truck
Dec 09, 2017

        Overhead working truck is used more and more frequently in city construction. It has many functions like driving, stretching out, drawing back and slewing etc. And this truck can support in a lot of fields such as ship-building or ship-fixing, airport, garden, power, traffic, lantern, advertisement platform, communication common carrier or photography and so on.

slewing drive applicate position (4)_副本252522_副本500.jpg

        The design of overhead working truck is depending on slewing drive. The slewing drive apply to this truck for improving the work efficiency on the high above the ground.

slewing drive applicate position (9)_副本500-1.jpg

      Slewing drive have two types in structure. One is closed, the other is opened. If the application of slewing drive is very bad like on the ocean petrol platform and the maintain time is shortened. Under this bad environment man should select the opened structure slewing drive. Because the opened structure is convenient to check and maintain and change the new one. If the application of slewing drive is in stable environment and man should choose the closed structure type. The closed structure slewing bearing is more longer lifetime.

        What Luoyang Longda Bearing Co.,Ltd manufacture the slewing drive with LDB brand, is exported often to Europe and U.S.A. And until now we have exported LDB slewing drive to over 60 countries. We can offer professional solution according to customers’ request. Our slewing drive is itemized into S series, heavy series, precision series. LDB production range can completely matched the request of almost all kinds of machine on the market. 

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