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Structure Of Rotary Driving Device
May 22, 2017

Rotary drive device consists of turntable, slewing ring and back to the color structure and other components, slewing bearing outer ring bolts and turntable coupling, with teeth of the inner ring and chassis with bolts, between the inner and outer race with rolling body. The vertical load, leveling load and overturning moment acting on the turntable of the excavator are passed through the slewing ring, the rolling element and the inner race are passed to the chassis. The housing of the back-to-back is stabilized on the turntable and meshed with the ring gear on the slewing ring bearing. The slewing bearing and the turntable structure of the lower rotary drive are described below.

One, slewing support

Excavator rotary support is adopted by rolling bearing slewing ring, Komatsu hydraulic excavator is adopted cylindrical rotary bearing, rotary local corner is usually equal to or less than 180. It is formed by welding the upper and lower support shafts on the rotary body and the upper and lower bearing seats. The bearings are bolted to the frame and rotated through the hydraulic motor mounted on the support shaft.

Second, the turntable structure

Hydraulic excavator occupation when the upper part of the turntable self-love and load the seat is constantly changing, and biased towards the load direction. For the balance load torque, the turntable of the various devices need to arrange, and in the tail to install the weight to improve the lower structure of the turntable force, reduce the loss of slewing ring to protect the stability of the machine.

The main bearing part of the turntable rotary drive is a box-shaped structure with a large torsion and bending rigidity welded by a steel plate. The main frame, boom and its hydraulic cylinder are supported on the lug of the main girder.

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