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The Features Of Worm Gear Drive
Nov 13, 2017

Worm gear drive is used for two axes to interset at 90 degrees, but when they are not parallel to each other and can not intersect, usually, the worm is active and the worm gear is passive in the worm gear drive.

1 Big transmisssion ratio, compact structure, small size and light weight.

2 Steady transmission, no noise, low shock and vibration. Because the worm drive is equivalent to       screw drive, while a number of teeth mesh.

3 It is line contact between two wheeled meshing surfaces, and its carrying capacity is much higher     than helical gear drive.

4 With self-locking. When the guide angle of worm is less than the equivalent friction angle of         betweeen meshing gear teeth, the body has self-locking, and it's reverse self-locking canbe           achieved. Thus, it is widely used in many mechanical devices required for self-locking.