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Three Advantages Of Slewing Drive Device
Oct 16, 2017


Because of the high integration of the slewing drive device, make the user not to have to purchase and process each component of the rotating device, It also reduces the preparation process of product production to a certain extent.Thus sharply improving the labor productivity.


The worm gear transmission has the characteristics of reverse self-locking,Reverse self-locking can be implemented ,It can only be driven by worm gear, and can not drive worm motion by worm gear.This feature makes the slewing drive device can be widely used in hoisting, high-altitude operation and other equipment. While improving the technology content of the host, the operation stability of the host and the safety factor of the operation are greatly improved.

Simplified mainframe design

Compared to the traditional gear drive, The worm drive can get a relatively large reduction ratio, In some cases, it can be used to reduce the engine parts,Thus reducing the purchase cost for customers.At the same time, the failure rate of host is greatly reduced.