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What Are The Problems Of Slewing Drive That Can Easily Arise During The Work Process
Nov 06, 2017

In the work process,on the premise of reasonable design and selection, rotary drive for 

the most likely problem is "shortening" actual life, the actual service life here refers 

to because of the sealing, or heat treatment material selection control is not in place, 

there will make all kinds of problems after the slewing drive used for a period of time, 

such as reducing accuracy, rusting, flooding, oil leaking, stuck.

LUOYANG LONGDA BEARING CO.,LTD has specialized in the solar energy tracking for more 

than ten years, accumulated a wealth of experience. The project process from the 

previous design, crafts,manufacture, to the later stage of the site installation and 

then operational maintenance has formed the standard system. All the details of a good 

grasp, and the complete string into a whole closed loop. The greatest degree of reducing 

or avoiding potential quality problems of slewing drive.