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What Is The Swivel Drive?
May 22, 2017

The rotary drive is a special rotary deceleration product with high integration and large reduction ratio, which is simple in structure and easy to use and easy to be conveyed. As a result of the use of slewing bearings as the base of the follower and frame, The inner and outer rings realize the input and output of the driving power respectively, so that the rotary drive can realize not only the rotation of 360 degrees throughout the week, but also the driving power source can be installed on the basis of the slewing bearing frame, so the transmission efficiency is high, A new member of the device family. And because it is a kind of reduction device, it can also be called rotary reducer, turntable reducer or drive turntable.

Rotary drive in accordance with the different forms of transmission can be divided into gear and worm gear drive two types, according to the different forms of transmission sub-closed can be divided into open and closed two types, the most simple form of the rotary drive is used in excavators, The driving wheel on the construction machinery product, as the final ring of the deceleration transmission chain, is driven by the open gear drive, and its front end needs to be equipped with a large reduction ratio planetary gear unit as its power input, so it can only be called In order to further improve the driving ability of the products, in order to further expand the application range of the products and further improve the convenience of product use and maintenance, we have developed the rotary drive of the integrated worm gear drive. In order to further improve the driving ability of the products, Also used in such products, equipped with enveloping worm rotation drive not only drive torque increases, drive accuracy is further improved, but also for digital control, it is widely used in solar and wind power generation equipment on the tracking and fine-tuning device , In addition to the robot, radar, low-speed heavy lifting, lifting equipment, precision CNC turn And other good effects both product areas.

The rotary drive products are self-contained and process developed to meet the needs of the market demand for high-quality rotary drive products, Shangbang has a multi-standard mature rotary drive products and customers need to customize the design and manufacture of such products, the need for low-speed heavy load , High-speed load and high-speed light load of different applications, can provide the corresponding product or solution.