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25 Inch Precision Sun Tracking PE25 Slewing Drive

25 Inch Precision Sun Tracking PE25 Slewing Drive

1. The following is our PE21 performance parameters. 2. Product details as below. 3. Appliction area : For cpv project, this model usually handles 96-120 ㎡ solar panels. This is precision slewing drive and it has four grade specifications,they areⅠ:≤0.03°,Ⅱ:≤0.05°,Ⅲ:≤0.O7°, Ⅳ:≤0.O9°. The rest...

1. This is our precision 25inch slewing drive PE25 data parameters.



2. Product pictures 



3. Appliction area : PE25 can handles 120-165 ㎡ solar panels in cpv projects. 

Sun tracking-5.jpg

4. How to install a slewing drive ? 


Photo 4.JPG

5. Wooden case packing. 

Production time: within 20 days and we have lots of slewing drives semi-finished products in stock to meet our customer's quick delivery time request. 

 packing SE14-2.jpg

6. Quality control.

All of our slewing drive must pass strictly load test, tilting moment test, salt spray test, water-proof test, etc to ensure each product 100% to achieve quality specifications before factory. 

Tilting Moment Test.JPG

salt spray test..jpg

7. Factory Introduction

Our company was established in 1999, located in Luoyang city, Henan province, China, covers an area of 20000 ㎡. And we have more than 120 employees,  production department has 50 employees, 9 engineers and 17  quality control personnel. 

In India we have 4 branch offices in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi. In turkey, we have 1 branch office in Istanbul. Besides, right now we are setting up branch office in America.

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Add: Yiyang Bearing Industry Zone, Luoyang City, Henan Province, China.

Tel: 0086 -379 -63059698

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Date: 31/03/2018

If you're looking for quality solar tracker Precision Slewing Drive, welcome to contact us for the 25 inch precision sun tracking pe25 slewing drive. Our products are specially designed for aerial working platform and construction machinery. It can be widely used in PV, CPV, STP, CSP solar tracking systems and construction applications. Please be free to place orders with us.
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