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Enclosed Housing Worm Gear Slew Gear With High Precision PE5A

This is our 5inch precision slew drive PE5A which is widely used in soalr tracking system in CPV/CPT/CSP projects.Its tracking accuracy has three levels : III≤0.12°,II≤0.08°and I≤0.05°. We can also provide 12V/24V DC Motor and solar tracker controller to match slewing drive.

1.Our PE5A parameter data as below. 


The following isour PE5A sketch and dimension picture


2.PE5A detailed photos display 


3.Delivery time ( within 20 days)+ packing method: internation wooden case. 


4.Transportation method support as below.

For samples transportation, usually we suggest send goods by International Express. 

transportation method.jpg

5.Application area: CPV/PCT/CSP solar projects

For cpv project, this model can support 6-9 square meters solar panels. 

solar power generation type.JPG

6.Installation ways as below. 

Installation locations is different according to customer usage. 


7.Contact information


Add: Yiyang Bearing Industry Zone, Luoyang City, Henan Province, China.

Tel: 0086 -379 -63059698

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If you're looking for quality solar tracker Enclosed Slewing Drive, welcome to contact us for the Enclosed Housing Worm Gear Slew Gear With High Precision PE5A. Our products are specially designed for aerial working platform and construction machinery. It can be widely used in PV, CPV, STP, CSP solar tracking systems and construction applications. Please be free to place orders with us.
Enclosed PE5A High precision slewing drive for solar tracker system
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