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High Precision 14inch Single Axis Slewing Drive PE14A For Cpv Tracking System

High Precision 14inch Single Axis Slewing Drive PE14A For Cpv Tracking System

The vertical slewing drive is generally installed perpendicular to the ground and is widely used in various photovoltaic power generation projects, such as trough power generation. Sometimes the drive end can be installed a vertical slewing drive, and the non-drive end can choose to use a bearing housing.For example, the drive of the flat single-axis system is widely used in this kind of structure.

14inch precision single axis slewing drive PE14 used for solar tracking system 

Our PE14 usually has four tracking accuracy options for customer selection. They are I≤0.03°, II≤0.05°,III≤0.07° and IV ≤0.09°. At present we can achieve the second-level tracking progress. The first-level tracking accuracy is currently being studied. Other dimensions of PE14A are the same as SE14A. You can download our catalog for more details.

1. Quick details 

Model PE14A
Output torque 8kN.m
Tilting Moment torque 67.8kN.m
Holding torque 48kN.m
Static axial rating 555kN
Static radical rating 222kN
Dynamic axial rating 
Dynamic radical rating 117kN
Gear ratio 85:1
Unit weight 64kg
Tracking precision ≤0.13°/0.05°/0.07°/0.09°
24V,12V DC motor,220 380V 
Material 50Mn or 42CrMo
OEM Available               

2. Product details 




3. Packing and delivery 

Packing details International wooden case with water-proof packing 
Delivery time 15 days upon receipt order 
MOQ 1 piece  


4. Production area 

In general, PVE7 is mainly used for the high precision solar tracking system and it can handle 46-60㎡solar panels. 

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5. Transportation method

We can handle sea transport, air transport, road transport, international express such as TNT,DHL,UPS,EMS,Fedex,ect for sample and small cargo transportation. 

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6. Company introduction

LDB company established in 1999 based in Luoyang city,Henan province,China. We have more than 18 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting slewing drive used for solar tracking system. We also provide matching 12V/24V AC/DC Motor, solar tracking controller, linear actuator, sensor, etc related solar spare parts. 

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7. Contact 


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high precision 14inch single axis slewing drive
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