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open housing gearbox

  • W Series Open Housing Slewing Drive

    W Series Open Housing Slewing DriveW series open housing slewing drive Description The W series open housing worm drive is similar to the WE series except that the former adopts an open housing. Therefore, users can observe the running state of the worm gear at any time, which facilitates maintenance. Feature ● With an open...Read More

  • S Series Single Worm Slew Drive

    S Series Single Worm Slew DriveS series single worm slew drive Description The S series slewing drive comprises the opening housing, slewing ring, hourglass worm, and auxiliary parts. It is driven by an electric or hydraulic motor to make clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. With lower maintenance cost than the enclosed...Read More

  • S-2 Series Dual Worm Slewing Drive

    S-2 Series Dual Worm Slewing DriveS-2 series dual worm slewing drive Description Our S-2 series slewing drive is composed of the open housing, slewing ring, 2 hourglass worms, and supporting components. It is driven by two electric or hydraulic motors to rotate. Owing to double tooth contact, this dual-worm slewing drive is able...Read More